La Luminosa · Tango Argentino Concert

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Gabriel Rivano Trio
La Luminosa

A Tango Argentino concert
with the Gabriel Rivano Trio

Gabriel Rivano (Bandoneón),
Victor Villadangos (Guitarra)
& Mónica Taragano (Flauta Traversa)

Works by Angel Villoldo, Juan Maglio "Pacho",
Aníbal Troilo, Pedro Laurenz, Egberto Gismonti,
Astor Piazzolla & Gabriel Rivano

A live recording from Bad Homburg Castle in Germany

HD Recording · DDD · c. 60 Minutes


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a Luminosa - The Illumination... revealing the unique quality inherent in things that are unimposing by nature is often a question of the right light, the atmosphere or the surroundings. Have you ever had the feeling of hearing something within a room or hanging in the air without its actually being there? This is how I felt about the music, the concert given by Gabriel Rivano.

In the stately ambience of the palace church, the Tango Argentino and the sound of the bandoneon blossomed into a music of deep and intensive feelings' and each time I hear the recording, let myself be drawn back to the moment of the performance and listen to the mood, I think I hear violins in the background. A string orchestra that makes the intensity of Gabriel Rivano's compositions and the wistful sound of his bandoneon simply float in the air. Perhaps this is only an idea, a dream - being able to experience and enjoy his bandoneon accompanied by a string orchestra on the stage of the palace church.

Josef-Stefan Kindler


he first two pieces, El portenito and Sabado Ingles, were composed in the beginnings of the 20 th century (El portenito is from 1901) when the tango was borning. This period was called "Guardia Vieja del Tango" (Rivano´s grandfather was from that period and made the variation of Sabado Ingles). Barrio de tango is a song by Troilo who´s conidered the most sentimental and expressive bandoneonist in the tango history. Piazzolla played in his orchestra in the 40´s. Milonga de mis amores is one of the most famous milongas- a rythm from where the tango came. Asado criollo and La luminosa are two pieces of Rivano with folklorical influence. Piazzolla´s tangos included are from the 60´s. On that period he composed their more important pieces who were discussed by the traditional tango audience. The three last pieces were written by Gabriel Rivano in the 80´s and reflects the new tendences in tango music.

Image: Gabriel Rivano Trio (Copyright by Josef-Stefan Kindler)


andoneonist Gabriel Rivano and guitarist Victor Villadangos have been playing together for more than 20 years – on international stages, in chamber music settings and with large orchestras. On their European tours they are joined by the flutist Mónica Taragano and together they make up the “Gabriel Rivano Trio”. Characteristic of this fascinating trio is the way the classical sounds of guitar and flute interact with the subtle improvisations and arrangements of Rivano’s bandoneon.


abriel Rivano lives in Buenos Aires, where he was born in 1958. He is a bandoneonist, guitarist, flutist and composer who has appeared with different combinations of musicians in concert halls and theatres throughout South America, Europe and Asia. Rivano likes to work with musicians who play different types of music (tango, folk, jazz and classical). In 1990 he formed the “Gabriel Rivano Quinteto". He has written numerous pieces of chamber music and several concerts for this ensemble, including a concert for bandoneon, guitar and orchestra that had its world premiere at the famous “Teatro Colón" in Buenos Aires in 1997.


ictor Villadangos was also born in Buenos Aires and is a professor of guitar at the Juan José Castro Conservatory there. He has been touring extensively since 1980, giving concerts and performing both as a soloist and with chamber music ensembles. His concerts have been presented on all of Argentina’s prestigious stages and he has given guest performances in Europe, the United States, Canada, Israel, Japan and Latin America. In 1990, the Konex Foundation awarded him the “Diploma al Mérito" for his artistic achievements.


ónica Taragano was born in Argentina and graduated from the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires, having studied transverse flute with Oscar Piluso. She has competed successfully in many music competitions, including winning the Franz Liszt Prize and been awarded the “Concours Presencias de la Musica" and the “Fondo National de las Artes". In 1996 she went to France on a scholarship and worked with Pierre-Yves Artaud, Mihi Kim and Arlette Biget. Her repertoire is large and extremely varied. Ms. Taragano lives in France and teaches at the Conservatory in Villeneuve St Georges.

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ublishing Authentic Classical Concerts entails for us capturing and recording outstanding performances and concerts for posterity. The performers, audience, opus and room enter into an intimate dialogue that in its form and expression, its atmosphere, is unique and unrepeatable. It is our aim, the philosophy of our house, to enable the listener to acutely experience every facet of this symbiosis, the intensity of the performance, so we record the concerts in direct 2-Track Stereo digital HD. The results are unparalleled interpretations of musical and literary works, simply - audiophile snapshots of permanent value. Flourishing culture, enthralling the audience and last but not least also you the listener, are the values we endeavor to document in our editions and series.

Music that is new, pieces worth listening to and well worth conserving, little treasures from the traditional and the avantgarde - music that is unimaginable anywhere else but in the hotbed of Europe - we capture these in our Castle Concerts Series of recordings in their original settings in cooperation with Volker Northoff.

Andreas Otto Grimminger & Josef-Stefan Kindler, K&K Verlagsanstalt

Works, Movements & Tracklist

1. Calambre
by Astor Piazzolla

2. Lástima
by Gabriel Rivano

3. Milonga de mis Amores
by Pedro Laurenz

4. Forró en Palermo
by Gabriel Rivano

5. Adios Nonino
by Astor Piazzolla

6. Chacarera de la ciudad
by Gabriel Rivano

7. Buenos Aires Hora Cero
by Astor Piazzolla

8. Fugata
by Astor Piazzolla

9. Sabado Ingles
by Juan Maglio Pacho
Variation by Adolfo Pérez Pocholo

10. Asado Criollo
by Gabriel Rivano

11. El Porteñito
by Angel Villoldo

12. El Zorrito
by Gabriel Rivano

13. Libertango
by Astor Piazzolla

14. La Luminosa
by Gabriel Rivano

15. Barrio de Tango
by Aníbal Troilo

16. Circo humano
by Gabriel Rivano

17. Triunfal
by Astor Piazzolla

18. Clown
by Egberto Gismonti

19. Marzo
by Gabriel Rivano

Concert Date: June 25, 2006



Awarded by Qobuz with the HI-RES AUDIO

March 2012


Audiophile CD of the month

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***** Music is alive in this performance

This is a performance full of live feeling like listening to the live performance as shown in the picture of the cover in front of you. (5 Stars out of 5 Stars)

'Matt' on Amazon Japan, published on, 7 February 2016

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***** Music is alive in this performance

ReviewThis is a performance full of live feeling like listening to the live performance as shown in the picture of the cover in front of you.
'Matt' on Amazon Japan, published on, 7 February 2016
(5 Stars out of 5 Stars)

Audiophile CD of the month

ReviewAudiophile CD of the month
Stereoplay, July 2007


ReviewAwarded by Qobuz with the HI-RES AUDIO
March 2012

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